Yes indeed! Painting pottery for a baby shower is a WONDERFUL way to honor mommy-to-be and her precious bundle of joy!  How does it work?  YOU decide! Here are some popular ways to approach it.

1.)  Mommy-to-be knows about the baby shower and is all in for preselecting pottery for guests to paint.  She stops by or calls the studio beforehand to select pieces and colors and basically asks guests to paint accordingly. Other popular items to paint are ceramic gift boxes to hold nursery items like Q-tips and cotton balls …. lotion dispensers, piggy banks, plaques, letters that spell the baby’s name, lamps – the list goes on and on because – as with birthday parties in a pottery studio – the sky is the limit!

Let’s continue with other popular ways to arrange a shower.

2.)Mommy-to-be knows NOTHING about the shower and is totally surprised! The shower planner selects pieces for guests to paint for the guest of honor. (The train set below is a great example! Each guest painted one train car and signed it for Mom and Baby! What a wonderful keepsake!)

3.)Mommy-to-be knows NOTHING about the shower and is totally surprised! Guests select pieces to paint  to honor and present to Mommy and Baby as gifts.

4.)Mommy might know about the shower, and whether she does or not, guests arrive with wrapped gifts and select pottery that  they will keep for themselves or give to Mommy and Baby later.

5.) ANY combination of the above!

So the next question is when you have a baby shower through The Potter’s House Studio who pays for it? Frequently the person arranging the shower will cover the cost, and sometimes the person who arranges it pays only for the studio fees and the guests know this in advance. Of course, there is also the option where each guest pays for her entire ticket herself, taking care of  both the studio fee and pottery.

Next comes the question about food and beverage. BY ALL MEANS you are MORE THAN WELCOME to bring refreshments!!! You are also welcome to play games… bring party favors, etc.

Finally, we politely request a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 which will be credited to your bill at checkout or used as a studio credit if a cancellation is made at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled event. Please use the link below once you have spoken to us to firm up your plans!

Pay Deposit

Great friends forever! Did you notice the little clothes line taped to the mantle in the picture above! All part of the baby shower fun!


Can you spot the little train cars on the tables?  These ladies did such intricate and beautiful work on each piece! What a treasured keepsake for Mommy and Baby to  receive – a long line of  train cars signed with love from each guest!

These little zoo animals were painted for baby Liam’s room.  We’ll have to track down photos of this pottery after it was fired! Everything was gorgeous!  (The large rectangular piece is a picture frame, which we finish with glass and a velvet-covered back after firing. Also, the zoo animals are called “tag-a-longs” – little pieces you can purchase separately, and if you’d like, we can permanently fuse them to your piece during firing. Tag-a-longs come in many different styles and themes…sea life, flowers, holiday pieces…you name it! We can literally offer you hundreds of styles to select from, and if we don’t have what you need in the studio, we are happy to place a special order 🙂

CHOO CHOO!!! Here’s the train we mentioned! Can’t you just picture it lovingly arranged on a special shelf in Baby’s room?! We can just imagine that one day Mommy will carefully pull down one car at a time and tell her son all about the special person who painted it. What a treasure!


This is just one of hundreds of pieces that can be painted for Mom’s little one! It’s truly such a simple process that we are using this project during Summer Camp 2015 for ages 7 to 12!!!!  Plates are suitable for both food and display on walls and easels. (And we promise: NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! 🙂


Check out the pieces painted at Fran’s baby shower — a piggy bank, sports car, football helmet, boxes for nursery items, and a special plate, bowl, and mug!

  So cute for Baby’s room!

Another cute piece for Baby!

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