Painting pottery is a GREAT way to celebrate a birthday- for children AND adults! It’s affordable, requires little effort on your  part and allows for an intimate and FUN setting where guests can enjoy each other and be entertained at the same time!  Have a theme in mind? We will happily customize your event!  (We have a list of some suggested items below!)



1. You tell us what you’d like to paint. We have access to hundreds of items  from figurines to dinnerware, home décor and more! ( If you are picking up the tab, we are more than happy to help you preselect items for guests to choose from so you can stay within budget. )

2. Enjoy your party with  food,  drinks, balloons, party favors etc. 

3. Plan a 2  hours block  for children age 12 and younger and up to 3 hours for adults. We help you determine a time frame based on the ages of painters.  Little ones tend to paint more quickly and like to get onto the next fun thing, so they don’t take as long as older children and adults.

4. We will have your glazed and fired pottery ready for you to pick up asap! (Usually within a week.)  We’ll even bag it separately, if you’d like, to make it easy for you to distribute to your guests!


Our per-person party  price (for painting plus pottery) begins as low as $15.50 per person for children and $30.00 for adults – totally  determined by the pottery YOU select! Please see our pricing menu for details.


We politely request a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 which will be credited to your bill at checkout or used as a studio credit if a cancellation is made at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled event. Please use the link below once we have spoken and firmed up your plans!

Pay Deposit




When it comes to pottery painting and birthday party ideas and themes, the sky is truly the limit!  You can browse our catalogues and select just the right pieces. In the meantime, here is a list of some popular items that are painted at parties – some for kids; some for adults.

Pirates, Princesses, Zoo Animals, Whales, Dolphins, Fish, Dogs, Cats, Dinosaurs, Cupcakes, Ice Cream Bowls, Wine Glasses,  Martini Glasses, Coffee Mugs, Plates, Platters, Beverage Pitchers,  Boxes, Vases, Crosses, Holiday Pieces,  Candle Holders, Coasters, Plaques, Butterflies, Fairies, Peace Symbol Banks, Race Cars, Speed Boats, Sports Related Items, Hula Girls, Mermaids, Geckos, Frogs, Gnomes.   The list goes on and on! See more photos below and call tel:+18138322757 to see how we can help!


The BUBBLE technique is VERY popular at our Birthday Parties for older children and adults.  It’s truly a FUN and foolproof way to create pieces that look like marble! *


Another bubble piece underway! *


Similar to the one pictured above, this shows what a bubbled piece looks like after it has been fired. Of course, the sky is the limit when it comes to color combinations!


This plate was painted using  a combination of our bubbling and masking techniques, and  it’s soooo easy that a five-year-old can do it!


 Our Bahama Mama piece is popular at Birthday Parties for adults.  It’s just one of hundreds of pieces we offer!



*Please add $3.00 per item surcharge for Bubble Technique.

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