We LOVE hosting celebrations at The Potter’s House Studio! Everyone’s happy to be here….there’s lots of smiles and laughter…. We truly do whatever we can to make you feel at home!

Similar to Birthday Parties and Baby Showers at The Potter’s House Paint Your Own Pottery Studio, YOU call the shots when it comes to Bridal Showers. Whether the bride wants to create a registry – and preselect pieces for guests to paint – or simply use our place  to paint a little pottery and  celebrate, we are happy to accommodate your needs!

Here are some possible ways to approach a Bridal Shower in the studio.

1.)  The Bride-to-Be knows about her upcoming shower and preselects pieces for guests to paint on her behalf.  She and the groom choose  from our broad line of dinnerware, glasses, vases, coasters, picture frames, etc. (the list truly goes on an on!)  They may also select colors or leave that entirely up to guests. Not sure how to approach a design? NO PROBLEM! We have all of the tools you need and promise you will leave feeling like a pro!

Other ways to arrange a shower are –

2.)The Bride-to-Be knows about her upcoming event and is showered with gifts painted by guests who paint whatever they’d like on her behalf.

3.) The Bride-to-Be knows NOTHING about the shower and is delightfully surprised to see  her family and friends when she arrives! The shower planner selects pieces for guests to paint for the guest of honor.

4.) The Bride-to-Be is totally surprised when she arrives. Guests select pieces to paint  to honor and present to her.

5.) The Bride-to-Be might know about the shower, and whether she does or not, guests arrive with wrapped gifts and select pottery that  they will keep for themselves or present to her later.

6.) ANY combination of the above!

So the next question is when you have a Bridal Shower with The Potter’s House Studio who pays for it? Frequently the person arranging the shower will cover the cost, and sometimes the person who arranges it pays  for studio fees only (and guests are aware of their share). Of course, there is also the option where each guest takes care of her entire ticket herself, covering the cost of both the studio fee and pottery.

Next comes the question about food and beverage. BY ALL MEANS you are MORE THAN WELCOME to enjoy refreshments!!! You are also welcome to play games… bring party favors, etc.

Finally, we  request a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 which will be credited to your bill at checkout or used as a studio credit if a cancellation is made at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled event. Please use the link below to firm up your reservation once you have spoken to us about your plans!

Pay Deposit


                Beautiful bride to be!

 Guests painting for the bride.

A recent bridal registry.


Don’t forget the cake! 🙂


One of the benefits of painting with us is that you get to work and visit at your own pace – no time limitations or instructions to follow!

The Bubble Technique is a quick and simple way to create pieces that resemble marble! See our “Birthdays” menu for pictures!*

Great food, great friendships and art! What could be better?

Painted by a guest who had never painted before! Truly, so simple!

Our “Huggy” salt & pepper shakers. So sweet!

How about this clever Bridal Shower idea…. everyone paints a dessert plate depicting the bride & groom FOR the bride and groom! 🙂 Wine glasses like the ones below are another possibility.



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Pay Deposit

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*Please add $1.00 per item surcharge for Bubble Technique