Yep! We’re setting you up with everything you need for hours of delightful relaxation and enjoyment at home! From pottery to paints, pallets and brushes, your kit will have you painting like Picasso in no time! Simply take a look at  the images below, jot down the items and colors you’re interested in then click on the link below to complete your purchase!(How quickly  we can have  your  materials  ready  for  pick  up  depends  on  the  day  and  time  of  your  order.  Please  see  registration  information  for  details.)

Pottery to go kits include up to six colors of your choice.  Please grab a slip of paper and jot down the ones you’d like then use the information to complete your purchase. (Interested in more than six? No problem 🙂 Please add them at at checkout for  $3.00 each.)

Thank you so much for your interest in our Pottery-to-Kits! Please use the following link to complete your order.